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Columns in table "tnrs_scrubbed"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
warnings text YES Warnings of problems or ambiguities detected by TRNS
unmatched_terms text YES Any trailing terms not matched by the TNRS, excluding authors and standard annotations such as 'cf.'
tnrs_scrubbed_id bigint NO Integer primary key. Uniquely identifies each record in this table.
taxonomic_status text YES Taxonomic status of the match name
specific_epithet_submitted text YES Specific epithet submitted, as detected by TNRS name parser
specific_epithet_score text YES Match score for specific epithet
specific_epithet_matched text YES
source text YES Taxonomic sources consulted
selected text YES Selected as best match
phonetic text YES
overall_score_order text YES
overall_score text YES Overall combined match score for taxon name and authority
name_submitted_verbatim text YES Verbatim name submitted, without pre-processing corrections (in most cases will be same as name_submitted)
name_submitted_rank text YES Taxonomic rank of name submitted, as detected by the TNRS name parser
name_submitted text YES Name submitted to TNRS; usually = verbatim_family + verbatim_scientific_name, with corrections for characters not handled by TNRS
name_score text YES Match score for name without authority
name_matched_url text YES Url to original source of name matched
name_matched_rank text YES Taxonomic rank of name matched by the TNRS
name_matched_lsid text YES
name_matched_id text YES
name_matched_author text YES Standard of of the taxon name matched by the TNRS
name_matched_accepted_family text YES Family of accepted taxon, according to the classification used (usually, APG III)
name_matched text YES Taxon name matched by the TNRS
name_id bigint YES Alternate integer identifier for the name submitted, assigned by TNRS
infraspecific_rank_2 text YES
infraspecific_rank text YES
infraspecific_epithet_score text YES
infraspecific_epithet_matched text YES
infraspecific_epithet_2_score text YES
infraspecific_epithet_2_matched text YES
highertaxa_score_order text YES
genus_submitted text YES Foreign key to taxon_id of genus in table taxon
genus_score text YES Genus submitted, as detected by the TNRS name parser.
genus_matched text YES Match score for genus submitted to genus matched
family_submitted text YES Family submitted, as detected by the TNRS name parser.
family_score text YES Match score for family matched to family submitted
family_matched text YES Family matched by the TNRS (if family submitted)
bien_taxonomy_id bigint YES Foreign key to table bien_taxonomy
author_submitted text YES Authority submitted, if any, as detected by the TNRS name parser.
author_score text YES Match score for authority, if submitted
author_matched text YES Authority matched
annotations text YES Standard annotations of uncertainty, etc., extracted from name: 'cf.', 'aff.', etc.
accepted_name_url text YES URL to source for accepted name
accepted_name_species text YES Accepted species name, omitting any subspecific taxa
accepted_name_rank text YES Taxonomic rank of accepted taxon
accepted_name_lsid text YES
accepted_name_id text YES
accepted_name_family text YES Preferred family of accepted taxon, according to family classification chosen (usually APG III)
accepted_name_author text YES Author of accepted taxon name
accepted_name text YES Accepted taxon name