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Columns in table "state_province"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
state_province_std character varying YES Standard state/province name used in BIEN database
state_province_id integer NO Integer primary key. Uniquely identifies each record in this table.
state_province_code2_full text YES Unique alternate state/province code, including parent codes
state_province_code2 text YES Alternate state/province code
state_province_code_full text YES Unique state/province code, including parent codes
state_province_code text YES Standard state/province code
state_province_ascii text YES Ascii version of state/province name
state_province text YES Standard state/province name
hasc_full text YES Unique HASC code, including parent codes
country_iso text YES Foreign key to table country
country_id bigint YES Standard country ISO code
country text YES Standard country name from geonames database (GNRS)
hasc text YES HASC code