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Columns in table "plot_metadata"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
temperature_c numeric YES Mean annual temperature in C
taxa_included_seed_plants character varying YES Are seed plants potentially sampled by this plot? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
taxa_included_ferns_lycophytes character varying YES Are ferns potentially sampled by this plot? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
taxa_included_exclusions character varying YES Taxa specifically excluded, if known.
taxa_included_bryophytes character varying YES Are bryophytes potentially sampled by this plot? 'No', 'NULL', 'Yes' MORE
taxa_included_all character varying YES Are all plant taxa potentially sampled by this plot? 'No', 'NULL' MORE
stem_measurement_height_units character varying YES [not used]
stem_measurement_height numeric YES [not used]
stem_diam_min_units character varying YES Units of minimum stem diameter
stem_diam_min numeric YES Minimum stem diameter allowed, if upper limit used.
stem_diam_max_units character varying YES Units of maximum stem diameter
stem_diam_max numeric YES Maximum stem diameter allowed, if upper limit used.
state_province_verbatim text YES Verbatim state/province, as submitted.
state_province text YES Standard state/province name from geonames database (GNRS)
slope_gradient_deg numeric YES Slope gradient in degrees
slope_aspect_deg numeric YES Slope aspect in degrees
sampling_protocol text YES Plot sampling protocol (semi-standardized description)
precip_mm numeric YES Total annual precipitation in mm
plot_name_full text YES Alternative long name for this plot
plot_name text YES Plot name or code. Unique within a given dataset.
plot_metadata_id integer NO Foreign key to table plot_metadata
plot_area_ha numeric YES Plot area in ha
methodology_reference text YES Citation of reference describing plot sampling methodology.
methodology_description text YES Narrative summary of plot sampling methodology
longitude numeric YES Decimal longitude
locality text YES Verbatim locality description
latlong_verbatim text YES Verbatim latitude and longitude
latitude numeric YES Decimal latitude
is_new_world smallint YES Is country in western hemisphere? 'NULL' MORE
is_in_state_province smallint YES Are coordinates in declared (standard) state/province (Geovalidation) 'NULL' MORE
is_in_county smallint YES Are coordinates in declared (standard) county/parish (Geovalidation) 'NULL' MORE
is_in_country smallint YES Are coordinates in declared (standard) country (Geovalidation) 'NULL' MORE
is_geovalid smallint YES Do coordinates fall within all declared political divisions? (BIEN validation 'geovalidation') 'NULL' MORE
is_centroid smallint YES 1=point is a centroid; 0=point not a centroid
has_strata character varying YES Are samples subdivided into strata? 'no', 'NULL', 'yes' MORE
has_stem_data character varying YES Does methodology include measurements of individual stems? 'no', 'NULL', 'yes' MORE
growth_forms_included_trees character varying YES Are trees potentially included in this sample? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
growth_forms_included_shrubs character varying YES Are shrubs potentially included in this sample? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
growth_forms_included_notes character varying YES Notes on growth form inclusions or exclusions
growth_forms_included_lianas character varying YES Are lianas potentially included in this sample? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
growth_forms_included_herbs character varying YES Are herbaceous plants potentially included in this sample? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
growth_forms_included_epiphytes character varying YES Are epiphytes potentially included in this sample? 'No', 'NULL', 'partial', 'Yes' MORE
growth_forms_included_all character varying YES Are all growth forms potentially included in this sample?
georef_sources text YES Georeferencing sources, if applicable (from original data)
georef_protocol text YES Georeferencing protocol, if applicable
geodeticdatum text YES Geodetic datum of coordinates, if known
event_date_accuracy text YES Level of accuracy with which original date was specified: day, month or year.
event_date date YES Date of observation
elevation_m numeric YES Elevation in m. Midpoint if elevation_verbatim is a range.
datasource text YES Unique code for the person, institution or project that provided the data to BIEN. Consists of one or more datasets.
dataset text YES Identifies a group of plots, specimens or trait measurements from a single data owner or group of owner. The lowest unit of grouping of data in BIEN.
dataowner text YES Primary owner of the dataset or primary contact
county_verbatim text YES Verbatim county/parish, as submitted
county text YES Standard county/parish name from geonames database (GNRS)
country_verbatim text YES Verbatim country, as submitted
country text YES Standard country name from geonames database (GNRS)
coord_uncertainty_verbatim text YES Verbatim statement of coordinate error
coord_uncertainty_m double precision YES Coordinate uncertain in m
coord_max_uncertainty_km numeric YES Maximum coordinate uncertainty in km
community_concept_name ARRAY YES Vegetation classification (classification used varies by source database)
abundance_measurement_description character varying YES
abundance_measurement character varying YES Method of measurement of abundance (cover, count, etc.) 'cover', 'cover and individuals', 'individuals'… MORE
datasource_plot_id integer YES [internal use]
datasource_id bigint YES Foreign key to table datasource
primary_dataowner_email text YES