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Columns in table "nsr"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
user_id bigint YES [internal use]
taxon_poldiv text YES [internal use]
state_province_full text YES Full state/province name, possibly including category (e.g., "State ", "Estado de "), from geonames database (GNRS)
state_province text YES Standard state/province name from geonames database (GNRS)
species text YES Species name without authority
poldiv_type text YES Lowest political division submitted
poldiv_full text YES [internal use]
native_status_state_province text YES Native status in state/province (NSR) 'I', 'Ie', 'N', 'Ne', 'NULL', 'P' MORE
native_status_sources text YES Checklist sources used to assign native status (NSR)
native_status_reason text YES Reason overall native status assigned (NSR) 'Absent from all checklists for region', 'Endem… MORE
native_status_county_parish text YES Native status in sounty/parish (NSR) 'I', 'Ie', 'NULL' MORE
native_status_country text YES Native status in country (NSR) 'A', 'I', 'Ie', 'N', 'Ne', 'NULL', 'P' MORE
native_status text YES Native status of taxon in lowest political division for which checklist information available (NSR) 'A', 'I', 'Ie', 'N', 'Ne', 'P', 'UNK' MORE
job text YES [Internal use]
isintroduced text YES Is taxon introduced in declared political division? Final NSR assessment based on native_status (0,1,NULL).
is_cultivated_taxon text YES Is taxon primarily cultivated? (NSR) '0', '1' MORE
is_cultivated_in_region text YES Is taxon known to be cultivated in declared political division? (NSR) '0' MORE
id bigint NO Integer primary key. Uniquely identifies each record in this table.
genus text YES Genus name
family text YES
county_parish_full text YES Full county/parish name, possibly including category (e.g., "County ", "Municipio de "), from geonames database (GNRS)
county_parish text YES Standard county/parish name from geonames database (GNRS)
country text YES Standard country name from geonames database (GNRS)