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Columns in table "ncbi_taxa"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
unique_taxon text YES Unique taxon name if >1 usage
taxon text NO taxon name
tax_id bigint NO NCBI identifier for this taxon
superkingdom text YES
right_index bigint YES MPTT index for ancestor-descendent searches
rank text NO taxonomic rank
phylum text YES Taxonomic phylum
name_id bigint NO Integer ID for this taxon name (added by BIEN)
name_class text YES NCBI name class
major_higher_taxon text YES Major higher taxonomic group, not necessarily monophyletic (added by BIEN)
left_index bigint YES MPTT index for ancestor-descendent searches
kingdom text YES Taxonomic kingdom
is_embryophyte smallint YES Is taxon a land plant (Embryophte)?
class text YES Taxonomic class