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Columns in table "iucn"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
family text YES
infraspecific_authority text YES
infraspecific_name text YES
infraspecific_rank text YES
order text YES Taxonomic order (APG III)
petitioned text YES
population_trend text YES
red_list_criteria text YES
red_list_criteria_version text YES
red_list_status text YES
species text YES
species_id text YES
stock_subpopulation text YES
synonyms text YES
year_assessed text YES
kingdom text YES Taxonomic kingdom
phylum text YES Taxonomic phylum
class text YES Taxonomic class
genus text YES Genus name
authority text YES Authority of taxon nmame
common_names_eng text YES Common name
common_names_fre text YES Common name (French)
common_names_spa text YES Common name (Spanish)