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Columns in table "datasource"

Column Data Type Null Description Values
source_url text YES Primary url for this source
source_type character varying YES Is this source the data owner? The proximate provider to BIEN? Or both? 'data owner', 'data owner & proximate provider'… MORE
source_name text YES Short name for this dataset/datasource.
source_fullname text YES Full unconstrained name for this dataset/datasource, if any.
source_citation text YES Citation for this source
proximate_provider_name text YES Full title or name of person, organization or project that directly provided these data to BIEN.
proximate_provider_datasource_id integer YES Recursive foreign key to record in table datasource for the source which directly provided these data to BIEN.
primary_contact_lastname text YES
primary_contact_institution_name text YES
primary_contact_fullname text YES
primary_contact_firstname text YES
primary_contact_email text YES
observation_type character varying YES Type of observation (specimen, plot, trait, etc.) 'checklist', 'human observation', 'material sam… MORE
locality_error_details text YES Description of amount of error added and method used, if applicable.
locality_error_added boolean YES Was error deliberately added to coordinates in source database? 'FALSE', 'TRUE' MORE
is_herbarium integer YES Is this source a herbarium, as registered in Index Herbariorum? '0', '1' MORE
datasource_id bigint NO Integer primary key. Uniquely identifies each record in this table.
access_level text YES Default access level (public or private) 'private', 'public', 'public & private' MORE
access_conditions text YES Obligations to data owners as condition of access to data 'acknowledge', 'contact authors', 'mixed' MORE